Yamaha YAS-23 Saxophone

by -B
(Fort Wayne, IN)

My son has played a school instrument for 3 years, and now needs a basic, descent instrument for High School (they don't supply them there).

Is the Yamaha YAS-23 a good choice?

I would like to buy a good used instrument that he could use for 4 years, and could then re-sell for about what I paid for it. I would like to find an instrument that would be easy for him to play (fewer squeeks, good seals, etc.)

What other makes/models would be good choices?

I also read some good reviews for a LJ Hutchen Eb Alto Saxophone, but the price seems so low that I am suspicious.



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Mar 10, 2010
yas-23 yamaha
by: Anonymous

I own an alto yamaha yas-23 and I will steak my personal reputation that this instrument is an excellent musical instrument for anyone wanting to begin learning to play the saxophone. I am a senior citizen and have played a musical instrument most of my life. My saxophone will do just about anything I want it to do..I..repeat...I am the only hinderence to this sax. It would take several years before someone could outgrow one I believe. Then they can go to ebay and pay $13,000.00 for a selmer..

Jun 13, 2010
YAS 23 - Perfect
by: Anonymous

The YAS 23 is a perfect starter sax and can get a kid through a number of years. When he gets a lot better (meaning practice!) he can move up.

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