Yamaha Tenor Saxophone

One of the most appreciated Yamaha tenor saxophone models is the YTS82Z Tenor Saxophone. This member of the Z series brings the qualities that made other Yamaha saxophone famous and adds a sound quality that will allow the sax player to perform at his or her best.

The tone of the Yamaha tenor saxophone is very sweet, totally adaptable to jazz music. In fact, jazz players will love this model (as well as other similar models form the same series) for its excellent projection and musical note control.

And when it comes to control, classical saxophone players will notice that all volume levels are perfectly controllable with this instrument. The experience of designing and manufacturing musical instruments and high quality saxophones is obviously put to good use with this Z series model.

Is a Yamaha tenor saxophone right for you?

Yamaha tenor saxophone

The manufacturer did their best to produce a saxophone series that could sound great when played by a professional or an amateur. This tenor saxophone manages to work with both sides beautifully. It can be used well in musical ensembles and will do a great job alone or in an orchestra. The edge and the sound color are adaptable to most playing styles. Look for the level of intonation you are trying to achieve.

Many saxophone models are great for some particular playing styles but they do not do a good job on others – make sure to select the saxophone that is closest to your requirements. Other advanced playing characteristics, such as an even width from altissimo all the way to a low B flat is desirable if you are pretentious about your saxophone.

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