The Yamaha Soprano Saxophone

If you're in the market for a soprano sax, the Yamaha soprano saxophone is one of the best. Yamaha makes a model YSS675 that can be found for around $3000 if you shop around. This professional quality instrument can be purchased in two different finishes, which are lacquered and silver plated. A unique feature of this soprano sax is that the front F mechanism is adjustable so that a player can match this key to their own playing preference.

Like other high quality Yamaha saxes, the soprano has been designed to be comfortable for the player. The key design and placement has been carefully planned for fast response and comfort. The sound is reported to be excellent and on pitch throughout the registers.

Some experienced players prefer the Yamaha soprano saxophone over the Selmer Mark VI and other professional horns. 

Yamaha soprano saxophone

The Yamaha is said to stay on pitch on the high notes better than the Selmer. It is a straight soprano saxophone, and some soprano sax players prefer the curved saxes. It's been said that the curved horns produce a "loud calmness" different from the sound of a straight soprano sax. The straight saxes stay in tune better than the curved ones, making well tuned curved soprano saxes more expensive than well tuned straight ones.

A less expensive version is the Yamaha 475II. This horn can be found for around $1600, and is said to produce a warm sound with fast response and accurate tone. They also make a YSS475. For professional players, these less expensive Yamahas make a nice option for those who play mostly on an alto or tenor sax, but like to double on a soprano sax from time to time. The YSS475 is reported to be as good as many saxes that are more expensive. A Yamaha soprano saxophone is a great first soprano sax.

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