Yamaha series unknown ? Serial # is 0450 very low

by Kelly
(Houston, TX)

61 ?   62 ?   something else ?

61 ? 62 ? something else ?

61 ?   62 ?   something else ?
can your rate the condition ?
serial # 0450
can your rate the condition ?

Good Morning All, 12-15 years ago we bought our son a nice sax, he has since moved on to college and no longer playing it. I'm redoing a house and would rather the horn go to a good home for love rather then sit in a closet and I can apply funds to the house.

here is the question, I brought to a professional music shop for a guy that wanted his repair guy to give opinion on the horn, we dont know what series it is and that is causing problems for folks that want to buy it.

I know a few things,

1.) I paid about $1,500 back then
2.) when the horn was in the repair shop one day, the band Chicago was in town for a concert and came by that shop, later the repair guy said they commented on how cool the low serial number was
3.) I met Chris Mitchell in Houston at a event and happened to have the horn with me, he played it and said it was good horn.

with the pictures, could someone tell me what series it is? what might be the value to sell ? what condition do I list it as ?

thank you in advance

Kelly Kelly.knake @ impacsystems.com

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Mar 04, 2014
thank you to the-saxophone.com
by: Kelly

thanks for posting my page

it really is a nice horn but buyers that are interested and not knowing all the potential of the horn are timid. they need specifics to buy.

thanks again


Jun 19, 2016
ID of Yamaha alto sax
by: Azuka

This is an early YAS-61. You can tell from the definitive style of the guards.

It may actually be a prototype. I once had such a horn no model number on it, but had all the attributes of the YAS-61. Serial number was 00135. VERY early. A friend of mine has it now, so I get to visit with my old friend from time to time.

I actually have always preferred the 61 model over the 62. 62's are great horns, but a little brighter than is my taste. The 61 seems more lusty and rich to me, and that's what I like.

Nice find!

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