Yamaha Alto Saxophone Models

There are several Yamaha alto saxophone types that are quite popular on the market, but determining which one is right for you is the real issue.

Let’s take, for example, the YAS-275 - a standard model that offers a wonderful introduction to the world of the saxophone. Whether you are a beginning student, or an advanced player looking for a good doubling instrument, the YAS-275 offers features you don’t expect to find in such a reasonably priced saxophone. Here are some of its characteristics: High F#, Front F mechanism, Gold lacquer, Mouthpiece 4C.

The YAS-475 is one of the best choices for a step-up instrument, allowing advancing students to learn the subtleties of playing the saxophone. This particular saxophone has a quick response and a very accurate intonation sound quality. It comes equipped with a 62 style neck and a protective case. Here are some more details of this Yamaha alto sax: High F#, front F mechanism, Key Buttons Polyester, Lyre Holder Included Mouthpiece 4C.

Yamaha alto saxophone

Among all Yamaha alto saxophone models, the 875EX stands out as one of the best choices for professional saxophone players. Some of the world’s greatest sax players have dedicated time and energy into crafting this model into what many call the perfect saxophone. A deep and refined sound, full of controllable nuances, is characteristic of this model. It has a wide dynamic range and a defined tonal core that allows artists to take their music to a higher level. Easy to use because of the two-point bell brace and the no center-bow reinforcement plate, this model will sound great in your room and on stage.

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