Which saxophone should I start with? How easy?

by Liz

Hey, I want to learn to play a second instrument I want to try the saxophone because I've always liked the way it's sounded. I wanted to know if it would be easy for me since I've been playing the flute for 5 years or if the instruments have nothing in common. I also wanted to know if I should start with alto and then work my way up to Bari since I've never picked up a sax before.

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Nov 04, 2014
your choice to choose the saxophone
by: Kicky

Hi Liz, From my knowledge, all saxophone has same keys, the biggest difference is only the size and weight, minor difference is on the mouthpiece size that might affect the embouchure. From my experience Soprano is the lightest and easy to hold but a bit difficult to blow, while Tenor is quite heavy and need more air but much easier to blow compare with Soprano.
I would suggest you to go to music shop and try to blow each model, you will know which one you like.
Hopefully this can help

Jun 19, 2016
What sax to start with.
by: Azuka

Soprano sax should only be attempted after playing alto or tenor fluently for several years.

I would recommend starting with alto, but if you prefer the sound and feel of a tenor, that would also be fine. After you're comfortable with an alto or tenor you can consider whether to move up to a soprano or bari.

The smaller the size of the sax, the more difficult it is to have proper intonation, and the embouchre and breath support are more demanding as well. So it is REALLY a bad idea to start with soprano sax and give up because it sounds so terrible.

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