Which Mouthpiece is Better?

by Kiffany

Which mouthpiece is better? an Rousseau alto sax Classical 4R mouthpiece, a Selmer C Star, or a Selmer C Double Star? I need a new mouthpiece and these have been recommended. Which one should i try? If the first one doesn't work. I will try the next best one.

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Aug 20, 2009
Mjurray Middleman-Mouthpieces ???
by: Anonymous

The mouthpieces you describe adre all very CLOSE ,,, Meaning they might produce a very small but (with a hardr reed ) a pure sound,which would be good for Classical music , but not much else .
When trying mouthpieces , you need to try different strenth reed with different MP's . As a 3 and a half , might sound great on one piece , and terrible on another .
If you are lookinhg to play Pop or Jazz or Non classical . You should try Medium opening mothpieces like a 5 M or 6M Meyer hard Rubber M.P for alto Sax (with a 3 reed ,
for tenor 6 or 7 Otto Limk Metal or Hard Rubber or with a 2 and a half - 3 or 3and a half reed , or try a 105 /2 SMS or a
110/2 SMS Berg Larsen MP ,for tenor sax.
Often pro have an assortment of MP's that they are not using , and ask your teacher (Get a Great Teacher ,if you do not have one )to help you determine what works best for your playing abilities , as i do not know if you are a monster or a begginer .... I have a Gold Plated Sugal -great contemporary MP for Alto Sax , and a metal 7* Otto link for Alto for sale
my e-mail is gvt_mm@sbcglobal.net
626-818-2251 ???Call me
Thanks Murray Middleman

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