When is it time to advance In saxophone quality?

by Steven

I've played the alto for 5 years and have always wondered when I (or if I should) switch from a beginner to pro sax. Should I wait or does it depend on my comfort with the beginner sax? Same thing with mouthpieces, should I hold of for a few more years?

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Oct 04, 2009
MJ - Pro player - Happy to help you
by: Anonymous

When you have the extra Cash on hand , and it will not impact you from feeding your family and paying all of your bills . that's the best time --- If you love playing better and want to sound better , and more professional . murray , Call me for a skype lesson at 626-818-2251 gvt_mm@sbcglobal.netThanks

Dec 08, 2009
Pro Sax
by: Shadowman

Getting a good Pro horn can improve your playing,
mainly in the action and the tone and the playability from low to high notes. Of course, the mouthpiece will have a lot to do with improvement too. I purchased a Yanigasawa pro horn and the action on the keys helped improve my fast technique.

Nov 18, 2010
Why do you need a "pro" horn
by: Anonymous

What makes you think that you need a "professional-grade" saxophone. Why not get an "intermediate-grade" saxophone instead e.g. the Yamaha YAS-32 or YAS-475. For many players, an intermediate-grade sax is all they'll ever need and will serve them well for their entire playing lives. As a bonus, intermediate-grade saxophones are cheaper. This may come as a shock, but buying a pro-grade sax won't improve your musician-ship as quickly as you might think. The secret is to work on your "chops". If you've spent a fortune on a brand new Yanagisawa A992 alto, it would really sting if a professional player (with good chops) picked up a cheap Yamaha YAS-23 student-grade alto and sounded better than you do on your A992. Believe me, that often happens.

Apr 16, 2012
Professional Sax
by: Anonymous

I started out with a conn alto Sax back around 1956 0r 1957. Was a good horn for beginners and I had lots of private lessons with it. Than my instructor bought a new Selmer Mark V1. He wanted to sell me his old relaquered Selmer Mark V1 but the sound was not as good. So I bought a new one back than for $550.00 Selmer Mark V1 1960 was the year. The tone was the greatest and the key movement and placement the best. Played it in the Navy Band for 4 yrs. and still have it today. While in the Navy Selmer came out with a Sax that wasn't near the quality of the Mark V1 from France. A top quality horn is alot more enjoyable to play. Get one if you can afford it. Thats my story and I played lead Alto though the service in Hawaii.

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