Whats so great about Selmer?

by Sarah

Im a school music extension student and i have chosen to do my assignment on the selmer saxophone. Basically i want to know why are they THE saxophone to use when studying saxophone at tertiary level - particularly the french saxophone style. How are they built/created that makes them superior to that of say yanigasawa for example? Any information would be greatly apreciated!

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Mar 02, 2010
saxophone construction
by: Frank

I too am wondering the same thing Sarah. With a little fanageling I've acquired a yamaha yas-23 alto saxophone. The week before I purchased an Armstrong Sax. Right off the bat I could readily identify how different the two sax's were. The armstrong is kinda bulky and the keys are less agile than those of the yamaha. The sound is a bit better as well. Clearer tones. As a new sax player learner I am interested in making the best music at the earliest possible date I can. I've poured over data and comments by seasoned saxophonist's and there seems to be an almost enexaustable array of opinions and subject matter expertise. Suprisingly, I learned today that Boots Randolph played a Selmer tenor sax with a size 3 reed. Who could argue that he wasen't one of the best? The money talks and the BS walks. My personal and quite inexperienced opinion is to leave the expensive gear alone for a while til you (and I) develop the necessary savvy to weed through the tangle of hype and settle down to just practicing and developing your personal skill. Experiment a little with equipment and Practice, Practice & practice...Frank

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