What makes a good Saxophonist

by Wulf von Waldowq
(Sarnia ontario canada)

Hey guys.. doing some modelling here.. what do great sax players do that some of us doin't

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Jan 17, 2011
What do they do?
by: johnny brock

We all do everything the exact same. Whether we go pro, weekend warrior, studio, clubs, church, teach, or whatever. It's all the same. I believe it was Parker who once put it:

First you master the instrument
and then you master the music
and then you forget about all that
and just play.

This makes more sense than any advice anyone has ever given me or that I've ever given to anyone else. I'm sure that all would agree that to
everything there is to know about the Saxophone and how to play it is definitely the way to go. Studying theory also falls into this category as well.
Next, there is the idea of figuring out who your hero is and how to play every note that they've ever played, correctly. This is also to include everything that everyone has ever played.
to all of it, all the time. Break it down and figure it out.
I have decided to save the best for last and we all know what that is...


I can fill this entire page with only that last word over and over again and it would tell you everything that you are wanting to know. But as they say in art, a picture says a thousand words. Turn that around for music and a thousand words say only one picture.
The title of this particular artwork is inscribed on a brass plate under the print with an overhead lamp in the museum of our own minds. If you look very closely at this vision, you'll see all of us going from playing the horn for the very first time to hitting the big time and everything else in between. Devoting your life solely and completely to everything saxophone is of course key and ten-times more than that, practice is what gets us there. It just depends on how bad you want it. Complete and unconditional love for the instrument and the absolute passion for the arts is what marks the transitional process between beginner and pro. Practice making perfect is undoubtedly true. However, do be advised that there is no "perfect" sound in music that will ever be achieved within the infinity of time. Only one can happily spend each and every waking moment of their lives etching a mere scratch in the entire spectrum of creating the absolute sound. Each and every note that has ever been played is out there somewhere, proudly so and without incident. Including yours.
The terminal objective here is to hear what we've got and to give the world what you've got. Marking your well-defined scratch into the never-ending realm of art and love is one of the greatest secrets of the universe.
My absolute advise to you is to click the X on the top corner of your screen and go put your horn together and do exactly what it is that you were born to do. As an artist studying the musical medium, go and make it yours. All of it, all the time.



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