What kind of tenor sax should I look at to purchase?

by Tom
(Portland, Oregon)

I've been playing Bb clarinet for about 7-8 years (I'm in my mid 50's) and have become proficient in reading and playing (improvising) primarilty jazz tunes....both old time "trad" jazz, as well as more modern songs.
NOW, I want to learn Bb Tenor sax. I'd like to buy a used, GOOD sounding sax, but am not interested in paying thousands for a good, professional model. (Not interested in student models that can't get that deep, rich tone, or are more difficult, or just not "smooth playing", regarding the keys, etc.)
Any suggestions of where to start and is it realisatic to find a good sax in the $600-800 range?

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Mar 02, 2010
good old sax
by: Anonymous

As a newbie I really can't recommend a seasoned saxophone with beautiful tones but I can recommend you consider looking on EBAY. Some young fellow is selling a good looking Selmer for about 6 hundred dollars Right Now. I understand Selmer is one of the world's best sax...Boots Randolph played one and that should say everything you need to know..Respectfully, Frank

Mar 08, 2010
tenor sax purchase
by: Anonymous

You can look for a decent tenor on eBay and Craigslist. Sometimes you can get very lucky! There are some beautiful old Conns, Kings, Martins and Beuschers in your price range, but be aware that intonation can be a challenge on some of the older horns. If you decide to check out vintage horns you should also make sure it is a low pitch (often denoted with an LP somewhere near the serial number), and be sure you're getting a B flat tenor and not a C Melody horn.
If you would like something more modern, don't rule out Cannonball (which has a big, fat sound) and Jupiter.
Good luck! Half the fun is in the search!

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