What is the difference between the Selmer AS300 and AS500 saxophones?

by Schere
(New Caney, TX)

My son will be in 6th grade band next school year. The band instructor recommends the Selmer AS500, but I have found a Selmer AS300 for an awesome price. No dents, no scratches (I have seen it) looks brand new. The owners bought it brand new, then their daughter only used it one semester and and the sax has been setting up since then.

My question is what is the difference in the AS500 and AS300? Will the AS300 work for a beginner band student that has never played before?

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May 20, 2009
by: Cosmo

Obviously the difference is AS200. Get the five because it would probably be an intermediate horn and easier to play for a beginner. Most times the diffs. between this type of horn is the bore size, mouth piece and quality of the brass and mechanics. The bore size might be a hair larger but he would get a better tone quality and projection sooner with proper training. Cosmo

Jun 17, 2009
Go for it
by: Stitt4ever

The AS300 is a perfectly good horn, especially for a beginner. It was Selmer's USA student horn for years. I believe it has been replaced by the AS500, AS600 and the Prelude. I have an old AS300 which I played for 15+ years and the thing has held up well and still sounds good. Remember, a good saxophonist is 90% person and 10% horn. As long as the pads seal well and it's in adjustment you're good to go. Use the money you save on the AS300 for a good mouthpiece (Selmer C*) and some extra lessons.

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