What is the best age to start teaching saxophone to kids?

by hlakam

Trying to teach my 6 year old boy to play musical instruments and he seems interested in sax more than anything else. Is he old enough?

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Dec 10, 2009
playing the sax
by: Anonymous

I think starting now is a great idea. The earlier a musician begins learning, the better they'll be and quicker.
Make sure you get a great lesson teacher who's enthusiastic and will let him play music he'll actually WANT to practice. That's really important starting at a younger age.
I think it's fantastic that he wants to play the sax! Good luck and keep us informed!

Best wishes!

Dec 11, 2009
Where and what kind of saxophone to get for a six year old
by: hlakam

Thanks for your response anonymous!

Do they make equipment (i.e. saxophone) for a person that young? If so, where can I locate something like that. Most of the searches I made make no mention of age or size for certain equipment. When looking something for kids, the landscape quickly drops in to toys.

Dec 11, 2009
age equipment
by: Anonymous

No, there aren't any different sizes for young players. I would suggest starting him out on the alto saxophone. Most saxophonists start out on alto and then maybe change later on. Even if it is a little big for him, it's okay, he'll get used to it and grow into it. Just make sure he's playing with his wrists fairly straight and relaxed because you don't want to start any bad habits that may lead to wrist problems later on.
If you don't have an instrument yet, I'd suggest starting him out on a beginner Yamaha.
I'm glad to help so anytime you have a question, post it please! Good luck!

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