Vintage Saxophones

There is a surprising interest in vintage saxophones, considering the fact that technological advancements have allowed modern saxophones to become close to the perfect musical instrument. Some people, however, prefer to play their music on older sax models, which are often vintage.

Of course, some performances might even sound better on older instruments, due to various reasons. For example, a group of people listening to a specific melody interpreted on the saxophone might associate that moment with an emotional experience from the past. In such cases, a saxophone that was used in the original setting will have a much higher emotional value for the audience than a high tech, shiny new saxophone.

The actual value of a vintage does not stand in the material it is made from or even the shape it is in. The single most important aspect regarding such a musical instrument is the history behind it. A saxophone used by some of the world’s best sax players will have a value that is often ten times higher than that of a brand new, similar saxophone.

The value of vintage saxes is similar to the same attributed value we give to memorabilia and items used by celebrities. If a saxophone was used in a concert for the Queen of England, for example, its intrinsic value will be much higher than it original sale price. The historical background of vintage saxes provides collectors and antique sellers with some dynamic and valuable trade mechanisms. Some vintage musical instruments are often sold in auctions for values that go far beyond their manufacturing price.

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