Vintage Conn mystery ??

Dear friends, I ran across your website, and I am desperately hoping you can help. My father had an old vintage CG Conn saxophone, but I am confused an overwhelmed with all the information I am seeing, while trying to determine the type/style of sax it is, and approx. value. He had it in world war 2, and was playing it in the military when he was around 18-25 yrs old or so. Anyway the #'s on the back read-

Dec. 1914

I also remeber my father saying something about it being an e-flat baratone ? or something. Ive read where certain vintage models had a special e-flat key. Maybe thats what he meant. It is in exellent condition, and very playable, as he often did before passing on. The case and all the parts are in tact. Any reply would be greatly appreciated. Thank you !

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Apr 19, 2009
by: Ezekiel

what he probaly ment when he said e-flat was the pitch of the saxophone. when he said baritone he probaly also ment it was a baritone sax witch is a larger sax then most

Apr 26, 2009
E flat Conn bari made about 1921
by: Anonymous

alto saxes are also e flat thetfordboy at rocketmail dot com

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