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You're reading the want ads when you see "Used Saxophone for Sale." How can you find out if this instrument is going to be a good deal for you? For one thing, you need to examine it thoroughly. If you are buying a sax online, this is more difficult. A couple of rules of thumb for online buying is to make sure the seller has a good rating, and that they show pictures of the negative aspects of the horn as well as the positive features.

When you're examining a used saxophone, first take a look at the general condition of the horn. Does the case emit a strong odor when you open it? Does the horn have green deposits on it? Or does it look well cared for? In some cases, this just means it wasn't used much, but it may mean that it was well cared for.

Questions you should ask

When a person runs a "used saxophone for sale" ad, they should be ready to field some questions from you. Here are a few good ones to ask. Does the sax play well and in tune in both the high and low registers? When was the saxophone made, and how does the seller know? Is the seller a saxophonist and have they played this particular sax much? Has it ever been damaged or had dents removed? How did the seller decide on the asking price?

Sometimes a person selling a used saxophone does not really know how much it is worth, and will ask an unreasonably high price, thinking they are really giving a low price. If they haven't researched the brand and style, a music store appraiser may give them misleading information. One pitfall a would-be buyer can fall into is not being skeptical enough when checking out that used saxophone for sale. If you really want it, you can easily overlook major flaws.

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