Buying a Used Baritone Saxophone

Buying a used baritone saxophone might seem like a great idea since these instruments can cost many thousands of dollars. There are pros and cons to buying a used instrument. The baritone saxophone is a very complicated instrument with many keys, levers, pads, and moving parts. This means that there are a lot of things that can be wrong with a used one.

If you want to buy a used baritone, you need to know what to look for as you examine it for damage. Having a knowledgeable person with you can simplify this process greatly if you don't know much about the baritone sax. In addition, some music stores offer limited warranties on used instruments. Buying from a private individual will not offer this protection, however.

Buying a used saxophone over the internet offers even more opportunity for disappointment, but if you choose a seller with a good rating and look the pictures over well, it will help. Another important consideration in a used saxophone is the name brand. Some brands are known for making tough student horns that don't sound that great. Other brands are known for high quality professional horns.

A used baritone saxophone that is a good brand, like Selmer or Keilwerth, will probably give you good service, although it may need some servicing to get the pads and moving parts in good shape. Brands like Conn have been around for many years and have produced both beginner horns and high quality professional instruments. Do some research regarding the model number to see which type you have.

Many people are interested in a used saxophone because they are collectors of vintage saxes. Some of these older horns can be restored to have a great tone. The older the instrument, however, the more there is likely to be wrong with it.

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