US made saxophone

by Tina
(Shinglehouse PA, USA)

Where can I buy a good US made Saxophone new?

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Dec 25, 2010
US made saxophones
by: Mike

Sadly, saxophones are no longer made in the US

Oct 24, 2011
american brands
by: Anonymous

Cannonball makes saxophones here in the United States. Their website is They do not sell on the internet. You can email them and they will give you a list of local shops.

Dec 14, 2011
us made sax
by: Anonymous

it does not matter that much where it is made but quality does. one of the best places to buy an instrument is from an independant repair person, preferably one who plays sax. these people know quality and are good advisors. unfortunately there are not a lot of them around and they may not advertise much. ask other people who play as they may know of some one. conn-selmer, yamahaw, and yanagisawa do not make junk and may as a rule be relied on to deliver a playable instrument. conn-selmer sells onr called a prelude that is a quality horn at an affordable price. do not expect a used instrument bought from just anyone being playable. good luck jerry osier

Sep 08, 2015
Please Help Me
by: Blowhard

I have an Armstrong Sax its made in the USA with a serial number 4230054 can anyone please help me to identify this
Thank You


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