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When shopping for tenor saxophone sheet music, there are several things to consider. Will you be playing with other people on other instruments? Is it suitable for the music to be bound in a book, or do you want individual sheets? Finally, just what styles of music do you want to play? Regardless of the style you like, you can find books and sheet music for playing by yourself and with others.

An example of a book that is available is Campfire Classics. This book contains songs such as "Kum Ba Yah," "There's a Hole in My Bucket," and "I've Been Working on the Railroad." This book is available with piano accompaniment in the book or as a separate book. With the piano parts, it costs $27.90 and without, it costs $14.95. It is suitable for all B-flat instruments.

If campfire songs don't appeal to you, you might like a book of Beach Boys tenor saxophone sheet music. For $10.95, you can get a book that includes sheet music for "Fun, Fun, Fun," "Barbara Ann," "Good Vibrations," and other classic Beach Boys tunes for the tenor sax.

For a wide range of variety, you might like a book like Easy Tenor Saxophone Solos, Volume One. This book, which retails for $29.98, contains songs such as "Oh Promise Me" and "I Love You Truly" so you can play for someone's wedding. It also includes songs like "America the Beautiful," "Glow Worm," and "Pomp and Circumstance."

Finally, you could get a book of tenor saxophone sheet music featuring the songs of sax player Stan Getz. This book retails for $18.95 and includes songs like "Body and Soul," "The Girl from Ipanema," and "Strike Up the Band." Sheet music for the tenor sax comes in all varieties. You are sure to find a book of songs that will be just what you need.

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