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Tenor saxophone music is needed, whether you want to play your tenor sax with a band or small group of jamming friends. The tenor sax is a B-flat instrument, which means it must be transposed if the original music is written for a piano, guitar, voice, or other C instrument.

The good news is that the trumpet and the clarinet are both B-flat instruments. This means that the music is virtually the same for these instruments. That means that if you were limited in the music you had available, you could use music for one of these instruments. The only consideration would be the range the music is written in. It may be too high to play comfortably, but chances are, it can be done.

There are websites that offer free music downloads for the tenor saxophone. Others sell sheet music for a small price. The sheet music can then be downloaded to your computer, similar to what happens when you buy an ebook. If you are willing to pay a few dollars each, you can get music for many popular songs as well as classical music.

Much of what you can find in the way of free tenor saxophone music are songs that are in the public domain. This includes familiar tunes that were composed before the days of copyrights. Some examples would be old folk songs like "Greensleeves" and kids' songs, like "Rock-a-bye Baby." Some classical selections are available for free as well.

You can play music out of any song book, even a church hymnal, on a tenor saxophone, but you would need to have the music transposed if you were going to play along with a pianist or other instruments. Some people can transpose tenor saxophone music in their heads while they play, but that takes practice.

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