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You see the ad, "Tenor Saxophone for sale." Of course, you're intrigued, but you wonder just how to decide if that used horn is a good value. First, what should you look for in terms of wear and tear on the older instrument? Some things to check out are dents and places where the horn has been resoldered. Take a look at the pads, too. They should be soft and completely fill the key cup. They should not be dried out and shrunken down.

tenor saxophone for sale

Sometimes a tenor saxophone for sale has been relacquered. The lacquer on the outside of the saxophone keeps it looking good, and sometimes needs to be redone, but it can reduce the resale value of the sax later on. As an alternative to lacquer, some tenor saxes are plated with silver or even gold. The gold horns are expensive, while the silver ones produce a bright tone suitable for marching bands.

tenor saxophone and accessories

The lacquer finish on that tenor saxophone for sale might be silver or brass looking, or it might be black or some bright color. Black looks good and is used on a lot of good quality tenor saxes, but sometimes the colored ones are poor quality imports. This brings us to the topic of brand name.

Importance of brand name when choosing a saxophone.

What brand is that tenor saxophone? There are many brands of sax available, and wading through the ones that are reputable and the ones that are not can be challenging. There are some good websites for saxophonists that go into detail about the different brands with their pros and cons.

Some tenor saxophone brands to look for if the instrument is for a young band student include Bundy and Conn. If the brand is Yamaha, Selmer (Paris), Yanagisawa, or Keilwerth, you have found one of the most reputable brands, and if the price is good and the condition is good, it would be a good time to buy. Jupiter is another brand that is well thought of.

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