Guide to a Tenor Saxophone Case

Usually you don't need to buy a tenor saxophone case by itself, because most tenor saxes come with a case. However, you might get a sax second hand that has no case, or you might have a run down case that needs to be replaced. If you shop from the large music supply stores, you can get a tenor sax case that will perform well for you and protect that instrument.

You can choose a hard sided tenor case or a soft sided gig bag when you shop for a new case. There are several brands that are known for making decent cases. One is Walt Johnson. Their case comes in two versions - one that fits a Keilwerth, and one that doesn't. They are designed to keep your sax safe even if it is checked in as airline baggage. Expect to spend over $300 for one of these cases.

Protec makes a gig-bag-like case that looks great and can be carried like a back pack. It has plywood used in the construction which makes it durable. The padding is reported to be extra thick and well positioned. This case has a five year warranty and a list price of $173.

Protec tenor saxophone case

Gator makes a variety of instrument cases including a couple of versions of tenor saxophone case. Their hardshell case retails for $129.99. It has places to put the neck and the mouthpiece. Some cases require you to place these parts down inside the bell, which risks scratching. It has rings for adding a shoulder strap if desired.

For ten dollars less, Gator also makes a gig bag case that is also well regarded. One possible problem with this case is in fit. Some tenor saxes are smaller than others, and the smaller ones will shift around in this case.

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