Swapping to Soprano from Alto

by Will

How easy is it to swap between the soprano saxophone and the alto saxophone. Is the fingering the same and if you play the same fingering is this the same note as an alto would have played?

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Jun 10, 2009
Switching back and forth from Alto to Sop
by: Cosmo, USA

Tough question. OK. The fingerings are the same between the two horns. When you play a C natural it is still your left-hand middle finger. B nat is of course your LH fore finger. If you have any horn time on a Bb clarinet then you would already be familiar with the chord progressions according to A-440. It is not too diffult to transpose between the two horns because they share a similar readabiliy in script but in different octaves. I had a played job playing a somewhat complex Clarinet Solo in a prominent Episcopalian Church, but finances did not appropraite that week. Can't remember the tune, yet I played the Solo on my Alto. Freaked a bunch of parishoners out! Got paid.Cosmo

Jul 22, 2009
by: Karin (Netjerlands)

I've made the switch the other way around, from soprano to alto. Fingering is the same, you do tend to use more of the high octave on the soprano (I play in a woodwind band). And I needed sometime to get used to the different form of the instrument (I have a curved soprano now as wel, sounds great,but still feels strange).
I've always bene told that soprano is the most difficult to play, you need more effort not to play a false note. A friend of mine switched from alto to soprano and was fully in-line with the instrument after a week or so.
Good luck!

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