squeaking after switching to new saxophone

by Alondra

I recently started to play the Tenor sax after two months again, note that I am using a different tenor sax than the one I used to use a while back. I started my daily routine and set everything on the shiny new tenor Sax and when I finally tried to play I squeaked and could barely play anything. Is this the saxophones fault or is it my embouchure at fault here? I am also using different reeds,but I used some of my old brand reeds and it still didn't work. Two months ago I could play perfectly on an old Tenor saxophone and had no problems at all. The new saxophone I am using is a Yamaha one.

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Aug 30, 2012
New squeaky sax
by: Anonymous

I suggest you take it to the store you purchased it from or to a reliable sax tech and have it checked for leaks. Brass is an extremely soft metal and it's very easy for horns to get out of alignment.

Jan 09, 2016
Reed and Mouthpiece
by: Zach

First get either Rico Royal or Vandoren reeds. If that doesn't work get a Yamaha mouthpiece too ($25 on Amazon.com)That should fix all your problems. Most of the time the reeds that come with new saxophones are Chinese made junk. The mouthpiece is probably okay.

I have a good Yamaha tenor saxophone that I played with a regular cheap Rico reed, not (Rico Royal or Vandoren) and it squeaked on every note. I finally got Vandoren reeds (which are my favorite) and it sounds great and never squeakes.

God Bless

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