Soprano Sax problem

by Sharon Sukola
(Dayton, Ohio)

I'm trying out a soprano sax, Jupiter Artist Series, and love the sound, but I often get the upper octave when playing the bottom space F and second line G. Is this a problem with my embouchure, since I'm used to playing the Alto, or the instrument. If anyone out there has any ideas, let me know. Love the Kenny G sound it has and am looking forward to performing in church, if I solve this problem.

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Aug 20, 2009
Jupiter 547 soprano
by: Denny B

Hi, I have a similar problem with my soprano but it is with lower octave E & D. It seems too want to flutter between lower and middle octave sounds. I have played tenor for over 40 yrs and alto over 30 yrs. The soprano I just bought used last week. It's a 1994 Jupiter model 547. It may be my lack of practice on it but I am going to contact a local artisan on repairs to find out if I have a pad leak or weak springs on the horn. Let me know if you get a response. Thanks, Dennis in Rocehster Hills,Michigan

Aug 23, 2009
Sax problem
by: Jedi PR

Well if both of you recently bought the soprano, it may be lack of experience. Give it a month of practice everyday. Practice playing long notes. If this doesnt work, try testing different mouth pieces. Mouth pieces can make a great difference. About the jupiter, its 15 years old, so take it to someone for a check up. Im 18 years old and ive been playing alto sax since in 9. This June, I bought a soprano and i had the same problem with the lower notes and high notes. Now I can play the notes with out a problem. Hope this helps.

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