sopano sax embrocure vs alto

by scout

i can play the alto using #3 vandoren reeds just fine but cannot seem to keep from squeaking all over the place when it comes to the soprano. What am i doing wrong?

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Nov 10, 2009
by: Anonymous

Regarding Soprano sax. It is a different instrument . Make sure your Soprano does not have any leaking pads and malfunctions , Ask a repairman or a pro Teacher player to check it out . If someone like a vintage Sax dealer has a collection of used and new Soprano Mouthpieces , I would try different Mouthpieces and reeds . On Soprano I play a Selmer Metal D* with a #

I play on Van Doren\ 3 and a half Z reeds
On Alto I play a
Hard Rubber Meyer 6 M(Medium Chamber)USA-.M.P. with a # 3 Java Vandoren Reed .
I also play a Meyer 5S(Small Chamber) with a #3 Java Reed , a little brighter , a V

Nov 10, 2009
by: Anonymous

When you play soprano, you should be holding the saxophone out from your body so the mouthpiece goes into your mouth at the same angle as an alto. A lot of people make the mistake of holding a soprano like a clarinet so the mouthpiece is nearly vertical. This is wrong. So, if that's what you're doing...stop. And hold the soprano out further from you body. Good luck!

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