smallest saxophone

by Rob C
(burlington Ontario)

Whats the smallest saxaphone available on the market. I have a 6 year old that is interested and would like to give him something more than the recorder he already has.

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Nov 20, 2009
MjJM - Probably Curved Soprano
by: Anonymous

The Curved Soprano is Small .There are many on e-bay or at the woodwind and Brasswind
Call them at 800-345-5003 Tell them Murray middleman from Pasadena CA reccomended you call them . It needs a firm embrochure (The Mouth Muscles ). Murray
www.murrayMiddleman .com

Dec 05, 2009
Soprano sax for beginner...
by: Seven

Okay, here you have a very difficult choice, as per the above comment, a curved sop might well be the right size for your six year old (there are smaller saxes sych as the sopranino or sopranissimo but those really aren't recommended). However, sopranos are not a particularly good intrument to start on for a wide variety of reasons. First of all, the tone is very hard to control, it tends to be wild and is prone to becoming out of tune if the embrochure is incorrect. Also, because the soprano is so small it requires a lot more precision in the manufacturing proccess. Larger intruments (eg alto, tenor, baritone etc.) can accommodate more maufacturing flaws, and they aren't instantly obvious, but on the soprano the accuracy of manufacture is critical. Also, because of the accuracy required,the price of soprano saxes is usual quite high even more so if you go for a curved due to the comparative rarity. If you were to go for a larger sax (alto etc.) you could get a very cheap but rather high quality Chinese or Taiwanese sax for a few hundred dollars and if it gets damaged or your child no longer wants to play the sax, then no harm done but if you went for the sop then you'd have to spend at least a thousand probably more, just to get a functioning sax and in the hands of a six year old a sax can get quite damaged so paying a few grand doesn't seem like a great option. My opinion would be wait a couple of years and when your son/daughter is around eight start them of on an alto, if they want to play of course. If you want to give your child something better than a recorder then you could go with a clarinet maybe, that would help if the child wanted to move to sax later as it would help develope the embrochure. Good luck with your search.

Dec 30, 2009
by: Anonymous

The sopranissimo is very small but is also very rare. You can get quite small Sopranos but maybe its good to start out with a clarinet or a bass clarint.

Mar 08, 2010
small horn
by: Anonymous

I started my daughter out on a soprano when she was 7. Intonation was definitely an issue, but that's to be expected! She's now almost 18 and has expanded her playing to clarinet and oboe. My college professor, a sax teacher at a very well known music teacher's college, also started his daughter on a soprano at a very early age.
If it's your son's idea to want to play, by all means, don't be afraid to set him up with a soprano! I know of kids who quit playing because they were forced to play instruments that were too big for them and they got frustrated because their little fingers couldn't reach the keys!

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