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My 11 year old wants to play the saxophone, what is the best type for her? She is a beginner, and really wants to play.

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Apr 08, 2008
alto sax for an 11 ear old girl
by: Carl in Boston

An 11 year old girl would best start out on an alto sax, and play scales, scales, scales. Slowly. Stop if the note doesn't sound right and fix, then play the scale again.

Jun 20, 2008
by: Anonymous

I'm in high school, and I'm a very involved sax player (among five other instruments) and this is a hard question.
Most kids from my elementary school wanted to learn to play an instrument. Within a month, half of them dropped out. Four years later, only a fifth of them still played (and still do today).
So if you daughter really wants to learn how to play, make sure she's serious.
If she's taking lessons through a school band program, they probably have an company that your child can rent an instrument from.
A great option, that many companies have, is the option of 'renting to buy.' You pay to rent it every month, but the rent payments go towards the value of the instrument, and if your child stays with it, you will eventually pay it off. But if your child doesn't stick with it, you wouldn't lose nearly as much money.
The universal standard is for people to start on Alto, and then if they choose they can go down to tenor, or bari. I play all three, and I do believe that the alto is best to start on. (Plus, young kids could not play a bari sax. sometimes it's taller than they are!)
Hope that helps.

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