Should I switch? Clarinet to Tenor Saxophone

I am a sixth grader playing in seventh grade band (not because I'm that good, but I like to think about it that way!). I play clarinet, and am, in my opinion, very good, being a sixth grader and all. I can play all the notes, (except for one where my clarinet key is broken) including the highest E. I think I'm that good because I have been forced to cram in a year of learning into a few months. I love clarinet, don't get me wrong, but I love saxophone even more, even though I don't have one and don't know how to play. I am thinking of switching to tenor saxophone, and will ask my band director for some more advice, but I need some sources if he does think it is a good idea. Where should I get my saxophone, what brand, and what is the cheapest reliable brand I should get?

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Oct 25, 2014
Go for it, but borrow one first
by: Anthony

I started with flute at 8, changed to tenor sax at 14 and found it natural because the fingering is very similar, an octave up is up identical fingering to an octave down, and the tenor needs quite a soft mouth, like the flute and unlike the clarinet.
I gave up at 18, and the took up the clarinet about 20 years later. I found this more difficult due to the tighter embouchure and the the switch over between octaves.
I have now, another 20 years on, bought an alto sax, put it together, and played it straight problems.
You will have no problems playing the sax, just wet the reed as normal, relax your mouth, and blow.
If you cannot borrow or rent one, try to avoid cheap Chinese imports, even with recognised American names. If you can get a basic Yamaha on EBay, go for it.

Jan 09, 2016
by: Zach

I play tenor alto and Bari saxophones and can play some clarinet and flute.
You will never regret switching, saxophone is so much cooler. You can do jazz, classical, slow peices and anything else.
Tenor is my favorite in the sense that it can project like alto but has the depth of Bari. I never played a tenor until a couple of months ago when I tried a buddy's tenor. Immediately I went on Craigslist, found a good deal and got it. It's awesome.
You should totally switch, I've got a friend who just switched from clarinet to tenor sax, and my director was really excited.
Go for it.

God Bless,

Jun 19, 2016
Switching from Clarinet to Tenor Sax
by: Azuka

Some entry level bands will start NOBODY on sax, but will require that sax inclined students start on clarinet.

This may seem cruel and unusual and expensive to some, but the truth is that starting on clarinet is a great preparation for sax and switching over is VERY easy. It is much more difficult to switch from sax to clarinet since the sax has very little resistance and the clarinet has quite a bit.

As far as what to buy. I would recommend buying a student model Yamaha sax. Used would be best as you can get a used YTS-23 or 200AD sax for $300 - $500 in general. Parts are easy to find if anything is broken and the horns play much better than most entry level saxes. You can sound REALLY good on a student Yamaha!

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