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The tenor sax is a classic part of jazz, and the Selmer tenor saxophone is a classic instrument. Selmer is one of the four most prestigious producers of tenor saxes, with Yamaha, Yanagisawa, and Keilwerth being the other members of the "big four" sax brands. Selmer makes a variety of models of professional tenor saxophones.

The Reference 54 Selmer tenor saxophone is based on the old Mark VI saxophones, while being made according to modern ergonomic principles. It has pads made of kid leather with plastic tone boosters to project the sound. It has a compact style that's comfortable to play, a brushed dull lacquer finish, and a vintage look. It has a high F-sharp key and a tilted B-flat spatula key. The keys are power-hammered.

The Reference 54 Selmer saxophone is reported to be true to the original Mark VI's, but some experienced sax players insist the originals were better. The 54 can be played hard and still sounds good. Some players state that the lower notes are hard to make sound good, but others say it is just a matter of adjustment. The list price of the Reference 54, also called the Model 74, is $7455.

Selmer tenor saxophone STS280 La Voix IISelmer STS280 La Voix II tenor saxophone

A Selmer tenor saxophone that retails for a lot less is the La Voix tenor saxophone, priced at $3080. This tenor sax is available in lacquer finish, black lacquer, or silver. It is advertised to give "voice" to your music. It has an Ultra Bell design which is designed to give it a more robust quality. It has great volume, even in loud band situations.

Even though the cost is much less than other professional model saxophones, the La Voix Selmer tenor saxophone has its dedicated fans. It comes with a nice gig bag made by the Bam company, which makes high quality instrument cases.

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