Selmer Soprano Saxophone Picks

The Selmer soprano saxophone Series III Model 53 is currently a popular choice among professional saxophonists around the world. It is chosen by both classical and jazz players because of its excellent intonation and quick response. It has two different necks which allow the saxophonist to play either a curved soprano sax or a straight one for different sound quality.

The Series II Model 51 is another choice of Selmer soprano saxophone that doesn't include quite as many features as the Series III. For instance, while the the Series II has a bore that provides a tight sound, the Series III bore provides more flexible response. The Series III also comes with the option of interchangeable necks which are not an option with the Series II.

Series III has a high G key that Series II lacks. It is constructed with mini ribs which makes the response quicker, but the Series II, with its full ribs, is actually more durable. The Series III has more copper in the brass material it is made of, which provides a warmer sound than the standard yellow brass of the Series II.

Both types of soprano saxophone feature kid leather pads with metal resonators. Both also feature a clear lacquer finish in a variety of color choices with engraving. Color choices include black lacquer, white lacquer, silver or gold plated, and matte with clear lacquer on the keys.

Selmer soprano saxophone SS600Selmer SS600 soprano saxophone

The Selmer soprano saxophone is just one brand of this instrument that is less well known than the other saxes. The soprano is the next to smallest type of sax, with the sopranino being the smallest. It is sometimes used to replace the oboe, and in the lower notes it sounds something like a clarinet. It is truly a saxophone, however, and is used more often all the time in jazz and pop music.

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