The Selmer Saxophone

The design of the Selmer saxophone is meant to “anticipate the future and embrace the past.” as the company states. The Series III saxophones are modern versions that are based on heritage musical instruments of the past. By combining the prestige and Old World craftsmanship and advanced computer technology, each Selmer becomes a state of the art musical instrument that amateurs and professional can enjoy at the maximum.

Each individual sax receives undivided attention from the manufacturers and precise sound quality is a strict requirement for all their models. You will have a hard time spotting visible differences between various Selmer musical instruments. However, the subtleties of the craftsmanship are noticeable when a good sax player uses a Selmer.

Selmer saxophone
Selmer saxophone with case and accessoriesSelmer student/intermediate alto saxophone with case and accessories

Choosing the best Selmer for your style

Each saxophone has a distinct voice and sound. Selmer saxophones are varied in shape and size, thus producing a subtle yet distinguishable variety of sounds that a professional will find a valuable addition to his or her music. Ergonomically located keys are important, so make sure to chose your saxophone with ease of use in mind. Try to audition the saxophone before buying it so that you are sure of your purchase.

Different accessories might come in handy, such as the optional gold brass necks available. As for mouthpieces, you can choose from the following list: the S-80, S-90, Larry Teal, Super Session, metal Classic, and metal Jazz Series. Consider acquiring a carrying case for your Selmer sax – not only will this be a stylish way to carry your musical instrument but it will also prove to be a convenient choice in many situations.

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