Selmer Sax (not a musician)

by Brandon


I obtained a "Selmer" saxophone and would like to know more about it! Anyone help me out? Here goes -

From some research, I "think" it's a Mark IV from viewing some pics online. The model # is M55xxx (I see people put x's for some reason when inquiring).

As for the "logo", etc. It says at the top "Brevete France and Entrancer". Under that it has the Selmer logo. Under that, it says "Sole agents US and Canada". Under that it has another Selmer logo. Under that it says "New York Elkhart" and finally under that it says "Made in France".

It's kind of ornate w/alot of engraving but condition-wise I'm not sure... Looks like nomral wear. It's gold in color and the "laquer" is mostly in tact.

Any idea of what something like this is worth and is it worth selling as I have no real use for it?

Thanks in advance!


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Dec 26, 2011
RE: Selmer Sax (not a musician)
by: GEO


I have no idea how long ago you posted your question but, there is not Mark IV.

You probably have a Mark VI, and others have probably told you that. The horn is worth what you can sell it for. There is a lot more to a sax's condition that its externals.

I'm sure someone snatched that bad boy right out of your hands for too little money, but.....


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