Selmer Baritone Saxophone Picks

A Selmer baritone saxophone is a quality instrument for serious musicians. The Selmer 55AF is a professional E-flat bari sax that has a list price of $10,185. Selmer is one of the "big four" of saxophone manufacturers who are known to produce high quality instruments. The other three companies are Yamaha, Yanagisawa, and Keilwerth.

The 55AF Selmer baritone features pearl keys and spatulas that are sculptured for playing comfort. It also has power-hammered keys that are soldered with silver. The finish is clear lacquer, and it has pads made of kid skin with metal resonators. The bell of this baritone saxophone is hand-engraved. It also features adjustable felt on several select keys.

The 55AFM Selmer saxophone is the same horn in a matte finish. It retails for $11,030. Less expensive baritone saxophones include the 55AFNG which is not engraved, and has a list price of $6195. The 156A USA bari sax retails for $5040.

The Super Action 80 is a Series II Selmer baritone saxophone. It is considered to be the reference or the standard by which other baritone saxophones are compared. The baritone saxophone provides the lowest saxophone sound in a sax quartet, and this horn does the job beautifully. It is reported to have a great sound whether you are playing low notes or high notes. It is easy to blow and precise in its notes.

Selmer Baritone Saxophone BS500Selmer BS500 Baritone Saxophone

The Super Action 80 Selmer baritone has a plastic thumb rest that has been ergonomically designed and located so that it will lessen tension and tiredness in your fingers. It comes with a choice of mouthpieces and a case designed to be tough enough to handle air trave. It is hard shelled with high density foam covering the interior. This E-flat horn has a range that extends from low A to high F-sharp.

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