Selman Saxophones: Not Just a Misspelling of Selmer!

When shopping for saxes, you might run across Selman saxophones. If you've read much about saxophones, you know that Selmer is one of the "big four," the four most widely respected brands of saxophones. (The other three are Yamaha, Yanagisawa, and Keilwerth.) Since the names Selman and Selmer are so similar, sometimes dealers advertise Selman in such a way that you would think you are getting one of the big four. This is not the case.

While Selmer makes saxophones that retail for well over $1000, the usual price for a Selman is under $300. Any new saxophone that sell for such a cheap price should probably be avoided. It is most likely cheaply made and will be hard to play. It is possible that some sax sellers, such as those on ebay, really don't know the difference between the two brands. Many of them say that Selman saxophones retail for $2000 or something similar, but it just isn't the case. Selmers do, but Selmans don't.

Selmer saxophones for students are often called by the name Bundy. The brand is one of many controlled by the Conn-Selmer Instrument Company in Elkhart, Indiana, which is the leading distributer of band instruments for schools and professionals alike. Don't get the names mixed up if you are shopping for a saxophone. Most saxophone experts say that it would be a better investment to buy a used student model of a more reputable brand than to get one of these shiny, cheap Selmans. Most reputable musical instrument dealers don't even list Selman among the brands they deal in.

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