Saxophone Sticky Pads.

by Maria

My name is Maria and I am doing research to improve the performance of saxophones. I was wondering, to all you saxophone players, do your saxophone pads stick due to moisture or humid weather? has this ever happened to you?

I would appreciate your input greatly!

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Jan 16, 2011
Saxophone Sticky pads.
by: johnny brock

Hi Maria, the situation regarding sticky pads is a common one. On alto and tenor, I find that the pads never stick during play but when you set the horn down for just a few minutes or more, the side Ab/G# is pretty much always guaranteed to give you the most hassle every time. The bottom Eb/D# is usually sure to follow.(I open this one and use it as a spit-valve when I play really long and hard, so for this pad to stick is understandable). On soprano, the Ab/G# and the bottom Db/C# tend to stick the most and not the Eb/D#. I don't know why. However, the Ab/G# have always stuck first on every horn I've ever had. From a 1925 King alto to a Brand new IW-601 soprano and even on a bari. One extreme to another, the Ab/G# is a sure bet for sticky pads. I brush my teeth and drink water every time before I play and still cannot escape the wrath of this particular sticky pad. Here's what you do. Get a brand new 1-dollar bill and fold it in half. Place it in between the key and tone-hole, close the key down on it and pull the dollar bill through. The stuff that makes paper money waterproof is what cleans the pad and tone-hole simultaneously. This is a tried-and-true method which works like a charm and it only costs a buck which you still get to keep.
Happy playing to ya, jb

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