Saxophone Stand - what are your options?

Between numbers, a saxophone stand will give the saxophonist a place to set his instrument.

Sax stands come in a variety of styles depending on the needs of the sax player. Most feature padding to protect the parts of the sax that will rest against the stand. In addition, most are collapsible, making them easily portable for taking to concerts and gigs. Special carrying cases can be used for toting your stand.

saxophone stand

Sax stands are made by a variety of companies, including Adam, Hamilton, Pro Tec, and Konig/Meyer. Most of the simple stands retail for under $40. Konig and Meyer make a stand they call the "Saxxy" which, when folded up, can be placed in it's own velour bag and stored inside the bell of the saxophone! A different Saxxy model is needed for alto and tenor saxes.

Pro Tec makes a Deluxe Folding Stand that is reported to be very sturdy, but folds up flat for easy transporting. Pegs for flute, clarinet, or soprano sax must be ordered separately from Pro Tec. For around $100, you can get a stand called the Bulldog from Oleg. This stand is made from hard plastic, folds up flat, and can be carried in the sax case. It is reported to be the most stable sax stand available anywhere.

Since many sax players also play the flute or the clarinet from time to time, sometimes a saxophone stand is equipped with pegs for storing these other instruments as well. Some stands are made to hold both an alto and a tenor sax, too. The main features to look for are stability and ease of transport. This article just scratches the surface of the many choices of stands available. Look around and you are sure to find exactly the stand you need.

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