Guide to saxophone repair

Saxophone Repair

Saxophones are study instruments, which break down rarely. However, they do have some accessories (reeds, mouthpieces), which are prone to crack or malfunction once in a while. The saxophone keys are also problematic and the need to know a good repair store is essential if you are developing sax playing into a career or a serious hobby.

Attempting to repair your own saxophone accessories might seem like a good idea at first, but chances are you will do more damage than good. As the saxophone is such a sensitive musical instrument (from a quality of sound point of view), the repair must be accurate and the final item must be properly calibrated. A balanced saxophone, especially after repair, is something desirable, but you need to let an expert deal with this issue if you want to expect any success.

How to find the best saxophone repair expert?

The best place to go, when your saxophone has a problem, is at the store you purchased it from. Assuming there was no warranty for it or that the warranty period is now over, you can still get some good advice from the store sellers or owner. Many instrument music stores have a few contact that deal with instrument repairs – some stores might even have their in house repairman. Sax repairs are not necessarily expensive, but they might take a while to perform. This is because once the sax is dismantled, the person repairing it has to piece it back together so that the original characteristics are not lost.

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