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alto sax neck tightener 
why don't my neck does not screws tight, it keep moving?

Santa Fe Bb saxophone  
looking to purchase a reasonable priced saxophone for my daughter any advice on the Santa Fe Bb saxophone

1914 Low Pitch Bruno Saxophone  
I have this saxaphone that was my great grandmother's and would like to find out as much about it as possible. It is silver in color, and has engravings …

F# key - Saxophone 
Is it better to buy an alto saxophone with or without the F# key? What are the advantages and disadvantages of having it?

is cecilio a good saxophone brand 
i was wondering if cecilio was a good brand becouse i was thinking of buying one?

when was the alto sax created 
when was the alto sax created?

does it affect the tone quality depending on the ligature

What does alto mean? 
what does alto mean

elkhart tenor sax - serial 4537 
i have my elkhart tenor sax with serial number 4537, i would like to know tey year it was manufactured. thanks. oliver

Where to laquer a saxophone 
Where can I get my saxophone laquered? I would like to laquer it Purple.

Is this a good saxophone brand? 
1920 King H N Alto Saxophone

cannonball sax 
What can you say about cannonball sax? Is it better than selmer,yamaha or keilherth?Regarding price and quality.I'm interested in soprano sax.

When is it time to advance In saxophone quality? 
I've played the alto for 5 years and have always wondered when I (or if I should) switch from a beginner to pro sax. Should I wait or does it depend on …

Which saxophone is better? 
I bought my daugter an etude sax for 300 online. I went ot out local music store and he said my sax phone was not a very good sax and offered me an antigua …

Armstrong or Bundy 2 Saxophone 
I am looking at 2 used saxophones. One is an Armstrong the other is a Bundy 2. Which would you recommend?

Parker saxophones 
Any information on Parker saxophones especially the value of a 10 year old one?

What Brand of Tenor Saxophone to Buy? 
I have been playing alto saxophone for 4 years now, and have been playing the school's tenor at band for a few months and really enjoyed it, would someone …

YTS-61 Tenor Sax value 
I have a Yamaha YTS-61 sax with serial #1798. I know that this is one of the first tenor saxes that Yamaha built, and it is a well playing instrument. …

Starting Saxophone 
I haven't ever really played an instrument before and I was looking over saxophones to buy and I noticed things like rocking tables. I was wondering what …

blowing into my sax 
When I began to play my sax it feels hard to blow through sometimes, like there is resistance. WHat could I be doing wrong? Should it feel easy to blow …

Saxophone brands - Joe Henderson and Dexter Gordon 
I want to know what brand of saxophone used Joe Henderson and Dexter Gordon. Can somebody help me?

Playing the Saxophone 
I have never played an instrument in my life, but I have always been impressed with the saxophone and its sound. I like the sound of the saprano sax and …

info about a soprano sax called "The Woodwind" 
I have an old soprano sax that is marked "The Woodwind" South Bend,Ind.Do you have any info about this horn.Value? etc.

New Alto Saxophone - playing a certain range of notes 
I recently bought a new alto sax that is clearly a much better quality than my older one. However, I'm having a slight problem playing a certain range …

Beginner's or Pro Saxophone: What's the difference? 
What differences in construction exist on a beginner's, intermediate, and professional alto saxophone?

What sax should i get? 
I have been playing saxophone since the fourth grade and i am now going into seventh grade, I have been practicing with a saxophone that I have been renting …

Notes on a tenor saxophone 
I can't find out what notes are in a b flat minor and major scale... I'm learning this for school in september but I'm way behind everyone else... could …

Concord Cadet Tenor Sax 
My grandfather bought me my first instrument back in November of 1963. It is a Concord Cadet made in Italy. The four digit serial number starts with 41**. …

Gold frosted Bundy Selmer Sax 
How do I know if it's an alto or base sax? or for that matter, what kind of sax is it? The model number is 633242. Thanks

whats better to clean a soprano? swabs or pad guard? 
Swabs or pad guards to clean a soprano sax? which is better? Any advice will be appreciated

22mm conn saxophone 
i have a conn 22mm sax #n271762 im gest trying to find the date it was made. i dont know alot about the sax and id like to play it but i dont know what …

Which Mouthpiece is Better? 
Which mouthpiece is better? an Rousseau alto sax Classical 4R mouthpiece, a Selmer C Star, or a Selmer C Double Star? I need a new mouthpiece and these …

sax value? 
I have a sax on the mouthpiece it says ; vincent bach 6-1/2 AL. ON THE BASE THERE IS A PICTURE ENGRAVED IT SAYS :"AMERICAN CONN U.S.A.SERIAL #7106629. …

WM Frank made in chicago silver tenor 
I found an older (probably late 30's or 40's) tenor at a garage sale for $70. The bell says "WM Frank Co, Chicago, IL. Paramount Artist" The bell …

how do you know key of saxophone? 
how do you know if your saxophone is in b-flat or e-flat?

I'm 53 years old, interested but have never played the sax. Is it too late to begin?  
I am 53 years old. I'm very interested in playing the sax. I will be getting an alto sax in the next few weeks. I have never played the sax before. How …

1951 buescher alto saxaphone 
I have a 1951 alto sax from buesher that is in decent condition and still sounds great in the original case, how much do you think its worth?

selmer ligatures 
I have purchased a Selmer Alto Kookabura sax collectors model which comes with a super selmer Mouthpiece 'E '. Am I better off looking at purchasing …

Info on Bundy II Saxophone 
Hi - I have a Budy II alto sax by the Selmer Company USA. It's been looked at by an instrument repair tech. We are trying to clear my uncle's estate. I'm …

What is the best type to learn? 
I really want to learn to play the sax but I am confused about wht type I should pursue. I am grown so I feel that I am going to work at this. Not just …

Tenor sax and bubbling sound 

I am not musically literate.Is this a quality instrument?

How to clean a sax 
A friend who passed on recently left me an alto sax. I'm a bass player with no horn playing or owning experience. I had a guy play the horn; he said …

Yamaha, Cecilio or Selmer? 
Which one is best out of Yamaha, Cecilio and Selmer? Could you please number them from 1 - 3 (1 being the best). Thank you so much!

Saxophone - best brand???? 
I have been playing sax for 3 years and im looking into pro sax so i wanna know some prefered brands.

Soprano Sax problem 
I'm trying out a soprano sax, Jupiter Artist Series, and love the sound, but I often get the upper octave when playing the bottom space F and second line …

Selmer Bundy Alto Neck Question 
I've purchased a Selmer Bundy alto sax for my daughter for this coming fall in school. It is used, and looks like it needs a new neck (the current neck …

Worth of Saxophone 
What would the value of a 1921 saxophone be? It was made in Elkhorn, Wisconson and the company is Frank Holton & Company. On the back of the saxophone …

Playing low C on saxophone 
I just started playing alto sax. I had a sax from my HS days that I had re-padded. However I cannot hit the low C for weeks now. How can I know if its …

selmer mark VI alto saxophone 
I have a selmer mark VI that was made in france that is approximately 40 years old in good condition that is still played on a monthly basis. How much …

Vito Vs Bundy (Alto Sax) 
Which is better, or not as good and why?

Saxophone mouthpieces for beginners 
what is the better type of mouthpiece rubber or metal to use for beginners?

Rossetti Saxes 
I play King Super 20's. Looking for a bari-- inexpensive but good quality. Never heard of Rossetti. Anybody know anything?

Swapping to Soprano from Alto 
How easy is it to swap between the soprano saxophone and the alto saxophone. Is the fingering the same and if you play the same fingering is this the same …

Cecilio Soprano Saxes 
Are Cecilio Soprano saxes any good? I have been playing tenor saxophone for 7 years now and i am considering purchasing an inexpensive soprano.

What is the difference between the Selmer AS300 and AS500 saxophones? 
My son will be in 6th grade band next school year. The band instructor recommends the Selmer AS500, but I have found a Selmer AS300 for an awesome price. …

Is it me or the sax 
I have been playing clarinet for many years. i just recently picked up a alto sax. I am almost positive i am doing every thing right but it is very hard …

Saxaphone Pricing 
I found an armstrong 3000 Saxaphone in my attic. Is it worth anything of value. Would it be a good beginners sax. Do saxaphones have a shelf life and if …

Bundy Tenor Saxophone 
Roughly what is a Geo. M. Bundy tenor saxophone worth? I believe its from the 40's or 50's.

Best saxophone brands 
I'm going to get a alto saxaphone for middle school band and i was wondering what some name brands for saxaphones are?

Baritone sax low notes 
I always play the alto saxophone but for my schools last concert my teacher asked me to play baritone and i agree.But alot of the problems are my low notes …

Selmer Bundy "Low Pitch" tenor 
I'm looking for info on a tenor I purchased. Selmer-Bundy "Low Pitch" tenor serial #130469. Bill

Getzen Capri tenor saxophone can some one date it.  
The serial number for this sax is 390546 and i was wondering about what time this sax was made and by who??

Armstrong Tenor Serial Numbers 
I have a Armstrong Tenor # N160599 where can I learn of its age a origin

Vintage Conn mystery ?? 
Dear friends, I ran across your website, and I am desperately hoping you can help. My father had an old vintage CG Conn saxophone, but I am confused an …

Sax player who played yakkety yak don't talk back. 
What sax player played yakkety yak don't talk back?

playing the sax with nine fingers 
hi, I am very different i only have nine fingers and i was wondering if i would be able to play the sax?

Supreme saxophone 
Hi, does anyone know a brand called "Supreme"? My friend recently got one Supreme u.s.a vintage finish alto saxophone. I even can't search it out on …

Start with alto or tenor saxophone? 
Hi, I'm looking at learning the sax and the one I really want to learn is the tenor sax, but various people have told me it's better to start with the …

Where to buy Reeds 
I'm wondering where I can buy reeds in Brooklyn, NY

Buescher tenor saxophone : High notes 
Hi. I recently purhcased a Buescher Aristocrat Tenor: I think 1951/1956. Great horn. Completely adjusted and necessary pads replaced, etc. When I …

Gretsch Bari Saxophone 
Hi. I have a Bari Saxophone with the Gretsch name engraved on the bell and under that is engraved Commander Chicago, Brooklyn, U.S.A. I was woundering …

could not produce sound after a drop from the stand to the floor 
my alto sax dropped from a sax stand onto the floor everything looks ok, I checked every key and all seems ok, after the fall all the sound gone weird …

Learning to play soprano saxophone 
What book do you recommend to learn to play the soprano saxaphone. i already play alto sax. I bought a curve-bell soprano saxaphone. All the sax books …

Value of my Martin Tenor Sax, s/n 160xxx 
I was given this sax many years ago, the case is worn and the sax is a bit pitted. I was wondering the value of the sax.

HELP! ^_^ What type of saxophone should I get? 
What type of saxophone should I get? Confort: She is a 5'7'' Delicate girl about 140 lbs Her fingers I would say Normal (skinny and long). Sound: …

can you play saxophone without front teeth? 
My fiancee wants to learn sax but has no front teeth. Will he still manage? Second thing, which is best to start on? I'm thinking tenor, but am I right? …

Martin Sax 
This is a Martin Typewriter alto sax, circa 1929-1932. It was my dad’s, (he was born in 1923), and he played it through high school and college. My sister …

I am wondering whether to switch saxophones in high school 
I have a good-ol' alto saxophone that's the exact same age as me. Thirteen years old. It still has it's color as well. My saxophone teacher says that the …

Date of Manufacture - Conn Tenor Saxophone 22M 
I recently obtained a Conn Tenor Saxophone 22M The serial number is 4004685. Please advise the date and place of manufacture

Saxophone trouble - This is really frustrating!! 
Dear saxophone question site, I just got a saxophone (it's used) and it was playing fine for about 20 minutes, then I stopped playing and packed …

ROXY Tenor Saxophone 
Have you ever seen a Tenor Saxophone with 'ROXY' engraved inside the bell? I would like to find out who actually is the manufacturer of this Tenor Saxophone …

Alto to tenor 
How do i play alto music with my tenor sax?

if i play a clarinet would i be able to play a saxophone?

what would recommend? 
Is the Selmer Aristrocrat AS600L a quality sax, is the Conn 24M a quality sax? Is one better than the other? Which would you recommend? Thank you, Adrian …

mouthpiece sizes 
i need to buy a mouthpiece and have seen a lot of different sizes for tenor saxophones . mainly the 4c and 5c. i am a clarinet player who is going to be …

I've played clarinet all my life, now switching to alto sax I'm investigating. Is Cibaili a quality instrument. I have a Selmer Paris clar. but I don't …

Advanced Soloing - Squealing - (Tenor Saxophone) 
I am from a small town school with an unknowledgeable director, i would like to know the way to squeal on a tenor sax just like professionals. I have full …

Conn Saxophone 
I have recently inherited a C G Conn Saxophone in its original case. The serial number is 76602. It is in working condition and exterior shows wear, but …

simple saxophone 
My 11 year old wants to play the saxophone, what is the best type for her? She is a beginner, and really wants to play.

Cannonbal Saxophones 
Does anyone have any comments on the Cannonbal Saxophones?

best soprano sax  
I played alto and tenor in HS (many moons ago) and loved tenor however due to physical limitations am unable to hold tenor, could hold soprano, however …

Entry level sax 
Hi, I'm a beginner ( actually a complete novice!) and want to know which is the best type of sax to learn on. I want to play the tenor, when able but …

best saxophone for 14 year old 
I thinking about buying a saxophone for my 14 year old son. What type is best, and should I purchase a new one or old (1920-1940) like I have been told? …

Jazz saxophone tips for student.  
im a student that has been playing in our schools advanced jazz for 2 years on a 52 yamaha bari and just want to know some tips that would help me improve. …

Alto player learning bari as a secondary instrument 
I am a high school freshman, and I have been playing alto sax since I was nine years old. I am the only freshman sax player who was accepted into my schools …

Beginner Saxophone Player Learning On A Soprano 
I received a soprano sax as a wedding gift from my husband. I want to learn how to play it. I understand that it is unusual for someone to begin on such …

early 1900's curved Soprano Sax tuning 
When I play my Sax on the lowest note the key on my A 440 piano is a G. My sax also says low pitch on lower back of the neck. What would be the key of …

Grassi Alto Sax 
What is your opinion on the Ida Marie alto sax made by Grassi?

Switching to sax from clarinet 
Hi, I am considering switching from clarinet to saxophone. I would like to ask your opinion. I am a beginner on the clarinet - I know all the fingerings, …

soprano dixon saxophone? 
Hello, Does someone know about Dixon saxes ? It's a mystery to me and I'd like to buy a Dixon soprano. Thank you.

What type of Saxaphone? 
Hi There, I want to learn to play the saxaphone but am confused as to what type of saxaphone I should buy?! Any help gratefully received!

Armstrong saxaphones and their quality 
I see on your website a description of Armstrong Sax and how a vintage one might be good for a beginner, which is what my son would be. However, then you …

what is the best electronic alto 
Hi...I am 58 and want to learn the sax - but live in an apartment, so the noise would be too much. How about my buying an electronic sax? Any good ideas …

Hitting Low Notes on Tenor Sax 
I have a problem hitting the low notes on the tenor sax. Any suggestions.

Are Stephanhouser saxophones good? 
Stephanhouser SAS1000 Series Alto Saxophone is this a good saxophone?

alto or tenor saxophone 
WHich one is better for a begginer, the alto or tenor?

Where to buy the fingering chart for Soprano Saxophone? 
Hi,i played Clarinet before,recently i switch to play soprano Saxophone but i don't have the fingering chart.I can't find it from the internet. Anybody …

Rossetti saxophone 
Is Rossetti a good saxophone brand?

Bari saxophone help 
I used to play clarinet but switched to the bari sax, I can play all the notes fine but have trouble with the low D and E, they always come out an octave …

Selmer Bundy tenor saxophone - How old and whats this worth 
I have a Selmer Bundy tenor saxophone my dad bought me in 1973. Serial or Model number on the bell is 638152. Its scratched up and has a small dent on …

Beginning playing Saxaphone 
Which type of Saxaphone is commonly the easiest for a beginner to pick up?

Difficult to switch from Clarinet to Soprano? 
Hi. I am a clarinet player, playing mainly outdoor marches. Am thinking of switching over to Soprano sax, mainly with a feeling that the embroucher would …

best alto sax classical mouthpiece; metal 
i am taking my grade 3 exam shortly and fail to get high notes easily with my basic learners mouthpiece. i have a yamaha 4c mouthpiece but struggle to …

How much is my sax worth? 
I was given my grandfathers sax, he use to play it when i was a child. How can i find out when it was made and what its worth? The serial# is 547273

Comparing Baron, King and Buescher Alto Sax 
I've rented an Alto sax for 3 yrs and now my youngest son also wants to play it for his classroom instrument. I am thinking of buying now. I have an …

Anyone ever heard of an AKD Saxaphone? 
I have an alto sax I am wanting to sell. It has the letters AKD and the numbers 9705039 engraved on it. I have searched the internet and have not been …

Cecilio Saxophones 
I have had a King Super 20 Alto for 54 years and still love it. However, when it's in the shop, I would like to have an inexpensive backup sax. I notice …

Best Bargain Saxophone Brand? 
I played alto sax in my college's jazz band many years ago. Now I'm interested in purchasing a soprano sax. I like the sound of a soprano sax and I would …

difference betwwen alto and tenor saxophone 
what is the the diffrence between a alto saxophone and a tenor?

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