Saxophone Quartet Music Comes in All Styles

Saxophone quartet music is usually played by a soprano sax, an alto sax, a tenor sax, and a baritone sax, but this is not always the case. Soprano saxophones are not as common as the other types, so when the band students are getting their ensembles together, a teacher might have to choose two alto saxes and two tenor saxes, or some other combination of saxophones to play quartet music.

You can expect to choose from classical-inspired jazz music, jazz-inspired classical music, and everything in between when seeking music for those four saxophones. Saxes just naturally sound great doing jazz styles, but they were originally designed for classical music. As a result, most saxophonists major on one of those two styles, although rock and country use saxes too, and the wide variety of music styles is reflected in the choices of saxophone quartet music available.

Sometimes classical music written originally for four different types of saxophones has been modernized into quartet music for four other instruments including a sax. For instance, you might find a number arranged for flute, alto sax, bassoon, and cello.

If you shop online for quartet music for the saxophone you can find sheet music that can be downloaded for free or very inexpensively. You can also find sheet music bound in books which can be mail ordered. Most sheet music online sellers rate music by its difficulty. This is very helpful if you are choosing quartet music for students in their first few years of playing the saxophone. You can also find music for sax quartets at music stores and sometimes even from book sellers.

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