Saxophone - Old dogs learning new tricks

by Frank
(Semmes, Alabama)

45 years ago I acquired a conn trumpet that was dingy, dented all over and the keys were sticky. After a facelift I began my music career as a trumpet player at my small town school In Bayou La batre, Alabama. Missed the boat on learning to read music but my EAR for music carried me through 3 seasons and 2 of those years was as SOLO Chair. After school, I joined the military and traveled the world..Didn't pick up a trumpet for 21 years. After I retired I joined our church group band and tooted for a couple of years..16 years have passed now and 3 days ago I purchased a Armstrong Alto Saxophone from a nearby Pawn Shop for a hundred bucks. After 32 years of marriage I can honestly say that my wife is gonna divorce me...Trying to create a sound worthy of being called a musical note is a daunting and even painful (my lower lip is sore)endeavor. However, in spite of the pain and the god aweful sounds I'm making, I'm determined to make a go of this contraption. Sax music has to be the most beautiful and uplifting sounds known to mankind. When played by a professional it can leave a hardened soldier weeping. Would someone please write and tell me their experiences. Will the soreness go away? Is my sax a cheap imitation of the real thing? Tips? Thank you...Frank

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Feb 25, 2010
Saxophone - Old dogs learning new tricks
by: Alan Robinson

Frank --

Join the Sax On The Web forum. There are may sax players on that forum & the responses are very good. Anything from experience, buying/selling horns, lessons, mouthpieces, to answers to questions about specific saxes, and so on.

I too, was away from my sax for a long period. Started back last year & now am in four bands (a fire company marching band, a community marching band, a community "sit-down" band, & a big-band style dance band). Once I found, I have learned many things since I stopped playing 28 years ago. It sure is fun being back.


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