Saxophone Microphones for Amplification and Recording

Saxophone microphones are designed specifically to fit onto a saxophone. They are used both in recording and for stage performances. One of the advantages to using a mic designed for a sax is that the sax player will not have to alter his playing style just to stay close to a stationary mic. 

While they come in a variety of styles, they are designed with padding to protect the instrument. Saxophone microphones are also made to be lightweight, so that the presence of the mic does not detract from the playing experience.

One style of sax mic fits over the bell of the saxophone on three thin legs, called a tripod. This forms a stable arrangement that eliminates extraneous noise when recording. 

saxophone microphone

Another type fits on the bell but utilizes an adjustable mount so that the mic can be centered over the opening of the bell. It is usually positioned towards the keys played by the left hand, which causes it to pick up the complete sound of the sax. Some of the tripod styled microphones can fit on the bell of a trombone as well.

When recording the saxophone, pay attention to the ambient noise in the room. Some rooms sound reverberant, like you are in a box. If you want to reduce the reverb from the walls and ceiling of the room, you can hang thick drapes or attach styrofoam egg crate sheets to the wall.

Remember, too, that the closer you place the microphone to the instrument, the less surrounding noise you will be able to hear. Modern computer programs used in recording music are able to add ambient sounds that sound very natural.

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