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Many websites offer free saxophone lessons online. In many cases, these lessons are basically just written articles full of information to help a saxophonist learn better techniques. In other cases, sound files are included to help the student hear how the new skills should sound. Having auditory input is extremely helpful to someone who is learning to play an instrument like the saxophone. There are all styles of music offered in the available saxophone lessons, so you can get help whether your interest is jazz, classical, or something else.

There are pros and cons to learning to play through  saxophone lessons online. On the negative side, you will lack the one on one feedback you can get from a live teacher. On the other hand, not having a live teacher hovering over you will free you to make mistakes and take your time. There will not be any chance of an impatient teacher putting pressure on you or losing their temper (which has been known to happen.)

Perhaps the best use of online saxophone lessons is to supplement actual instruction. These are good websites to consult when learning along with the school band for instance. Online lesson sites will provide much information about the saxophone - information that you can use. For instance, you can be pointed to recordings and accessories that will facilitate your playing greatly. One good feature to look for in an online sax lesson site is a forum where you can ask questions and receive answers from teachers and other students.

Playing an instrument is largely a self-teaching matter anyway. The student has to learn how playing feels, and no one else can really do that for them. With good written material, anyone can basically learn anything. However, it will not happen without diligently attending to those saxophone lessons. Learning to play any instrument requires a great deal of systematic practice.

Go here to learn how to play the saxophone. These lessons are suitable for both beginner and intermediate players.

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