Best Sources For Saxophone Instruction

When looking for saxophone instruction, there are many places you can go. One of the most obvious and best sources for training in this instrument is the public school band teacher. Many accomplished players start out playing in the school band in about the fifth grade. Sometimes sax players start out on the clarinet because it is cheaper and easier to learn on. Those kids with an interest in the saxophone can move on to receiving instruction in later grades.

For independent learners, such as adults or those families who are home schooling their kids, one must look elsewhere for lessons or training information. In many ways, learning any instrument is a self-teaching adventure. Yes, materials are needed which show a student how to read music. Books or sheet music must also include instruction in holding the instrument and develping the proper "embouchure" or mouth position. Of equal importance are fingering charts that explain the rather complex assortment of keys and how to use them to create the different notes.

For a person who has already learned to read music, the fingering charts and information about embouchure may be all that are needed for getting started. There are many online sources of tips and helps for playing the saxophone. In addition, basic beginner books can be purchased for learning to play any instrument. If one is self-teaching themselves to play the saxophone, it will be helpful to find someone who knows how to play who is willing to give advice from time to time. This can be someone in the neighborhood or an online group of saxophone players.

A final option is to sign up for private lessons from an experienced player. Sometimes high school students are willing to give beginning lessons rather inexpensively. Perhaps the local band teacher himself moonlights in giving private lessons, or maybe there is a professional saxophonist who helps new players in a formal teaching arrangement. If all else fails, you can try running an ad in the want ads. Wanted: someone to give saxophone instruction. Who knows? You might find a really great teacher that way!

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