What Are The Best Sources For Reliable Saxophone Information On The Internet?

If you are looking for saxophone information, perhaps for choosing a new instrument or for sharpening your playing skills, take some time to search the Internet. Of course, you can't believe everything you read online, and if it sounds too good to be true - well, you know the rest. So be a little skeptical to start with.

Some of the most reliable information about the sax will be what you find on message boards. While these boards might be moderated by someone who is motivated to sell a certain brand of sax or accessories, many of the people who post are experienced and knowledgeable players. They have no vested interests in passing on bad information.

If you take the time to visit a variety of saxophone message boards, you will find a few basic principles surfacing again and again. One is that certain brands of saxophones are easier to play and sound better than others. This is valuable saxophone information to know. There are playing tips that show up over and over, such as learning to fill the sax with air in the beginning (which will be loud at first!) instead of starting out playing quietly. To play well quietly, like singing quietly, requires good breath control, which is developed by playing a full sound in the beginning.

A word of advice for seeking out saxophone info online is this: think about who stands to make money when a statement is made. For instance, if you are researching a brand of saxophone by reading ebay ads you might not get very reliable information. The message boards are full of talk about cheap imported saxophones that sell for under $300 but are almost impossible to play. In addition, the metal is so weak that the keys and the horn itself will bend under normal playing conditions. Ebay and similar ads will lead you to believe that these cheap saxes are the equivalent of expensive professional quality horns. Buyer beware, and make the effort to get your info from a more objective source.

And lastly, this is where I plug my own site The-Saxophone.com. I'm sure you'll find the info here very useful.

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