What Are Some Of The Best Sources for Accurate Saxophone Info?

The internet is full of saxophone info! Making sense of it all can be a challenge for a would-be saxophonist or for the parents of a school child who wants to learn to play one. How can you be sure about the sax information you find? Everyone knows you sure can't believe everything you read on the world wide web!

One suggestion for getting accurate sax information is to join one of the many groups dedicated to playing the sax. There are groups that feature jazz players and others that feature classical players. Provided you are not getting information from someone who is trying to sell you something, the opinions of experienced saxophone players should be fairly reliable.

Through these groups, you can get information about different brands and models in case you are shopping for a new sax. You can also find out all about collectible vintage saxophones. Reading through the threads can be quite an education in this instrument. Of course, the sax players represented will not always agree, but certain principles tend to surface again and again.

You can also get information from these groups that relates to techniques of playing the sax. This can be as simple as how to choose the mouthpiece that will give you the sound you desire. You can also get tips for improving intonation and other aspects of your playing. In addition to information, these groups are great for finding motivation and encouragement if learning to play gets frustrating.

Other online sources of information include the websites of the various manufacturers, but these sites will be slanted in their approach. To balance the positive things they have to say about their products, check out some of the opinion sites where buyers can give their input on these saxophones. Many of the general musical instrument sites post buyer opinions as well.

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