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    Yamaha G1 neck versus new 62 
    I was sold a YTS 62II as a 62III, seller claims it was a mistake and is willing to replace the case and neck of the YTS 62II for a neck and case of the …

    6th grader: sax or clarinet? 
    My 11 yo daughter is starting band next fall and wants to try the tenor sax. I've heard it's a difficult instr. to learn, heavy, etc. should I encourage …

    M. J. H. Kessels saxophone, 1900 
    I have had an M. J. H. Kessels sax that is dated 1900. On sax is written: anivers medailles d'or bruxelles paris 1900 londres amsterdam m.j.h.kessels …

    Meyer metal mouthpiece question 
    HI, I got a Meyer metal MP for Tenor sax (6J) I made the purchase online, so I have received the MP in a box with a paper label saying it's a Tenor MP …

    What is the age on my Adolphe Sax alto? 
    I have an Adolphe Sax alto sax. It has the AS logo with "fils". I tried to look up the year but I can't get closer to guessing it is between 1900 - 1910. …

    What makes a good Saxophonist 
    Hey guys.. doing some modelling here.. what do great sax players do that some of us doin't

    Saxophone Sticky Pads. 
    Hello, My name is Maria and I am doing research to improve the performance of saxophones. I was wondering, to all you saxophone players, do your saxophone …

    Is the Conrad DSP Alto sax any good for a beginer? 
    I am considering buying my first Saxophone, and have seen this model for sale. Whilst I appreciate it is not a Yamaha, or equivalent, is it a solid unit …

    alternative high f sharp fingering - saxophone 
    i have no probs with the palm keys apart from high f sharp;it sounds laboured tho f is spot on.Any alt fingering would be very welcome for high f sharp.i …

    Advice on Sax Alto VS Sax Tenor 
    I have rented for last 3 months a Selmer Sax Alto to see if I was able to play and ultimately buy one, if I liked it. I just LOVE it , and I am ready to …

    Saxophone Beginner - Have a Heart 
    It's been 5 days since I began my journey into the world of the saxophone. Last week I picked up an alto sax from a nearby pawn shop and purchased a beginner …

    Saxophone - Old dogs learning new tricks 
    45 years ago I acquired a conn trumpet that was dingy, dented all over and the keys were sticky. After a facelift I began my music career as a trumpet …

    Whats so great about Selmer? 
    Im a school music extension student and i have chosen to do my assignment on the selmer saxophone. Basically i want to know why are they THE saxophone …

    4 Old Saxophones 
    Hello, I have 4 old saxophones and I'm try to find out a little more about those. I've tried to do some research on it with no results. I also …

    Gerald Albright alto mouthpiece? 
    On a You Tube post, Albright said he used a Studio 100 C mouthpiece. But looking at the video, he is using a Brilhart White Diamond hard rubber. Any …

    1932 Selmer Saxophone 
    I found an old Selmer serial # 18637 I think this dates it as either a 1932 Cigar Cutter OR Balanced Action series. Under the serial # it says " Sole …

    How much should I sell my used antique Martin alto saxaphone? 
    It has a little bit of wear and tear. I have it in the repair shop right now and am thinking of selling it because I want a new one. The tone holes are …

    pocket sax 
    Has any one heard of the xaphoon or pock sax? I saw it on e-bay and am courious. it seems okay but I have4 no idea. Maybe I am just lookingat the price. …

    saxophone mouthpiece comparisons 
    is there a chart that compares mouthpiece opening of the various major manufacturers

    I need a new Tenor Mouthpiece 
    Hey everyone, I need a new Tenor sax mouthpiece. Sadly I dropped my much loved Berg Larsen on the ground and it chipped and cracked. I am very …

    are they any good i am very interested in buyng a soprano sax but on a very tight budget please help

    Adolphe Sax 1900 - where can I get advice about value? 
    I have had an Adolphe Sax that is dated 1900 and in original case with a Medaille d'or marking and serial no 289 and has the address of 84 Rue Myrha, Paris …

    What Alto sax should i buy?? 
    I have been playing the Alto Saxophone for about 7 years and have really enjoyed playing. I have had an Earlham Professional series 2 for the 7 years and …

    Jazz Beginner 
    I have been trained in classical B-flat clarinet, and have been playing for 14 years. I would like to step it up and make the jump to saxophone. Do you …

    alto or tenor saxophone 
    So i've decided to take up the saxophone and wondering what the difference in sound is like between the alto and the tenor. I understand that most people …

    sax stencil? 
    I am trying to do some research for a friend. He has a sax he got when he was in Europe several years ago. The sax is engraved “Conrad Alto Series II”. …

    saxophone mutes 
    I am about to move into an apartment and am looking for a saxophone mute. ca anyone offer me some advice as to what i should be looking at.

    Conn 28M Saxophone for Sale 
    Selling my Conn 28M in great condition. Has plastic key guard and original case. Email me for more info and pictures.

    Please help!!!Conn saxophone, What do i have? 
    I am an owner of a very? old CONN saxophone. Looks nearly like new.! For a long time i wonder what i had in hands. The problem is i dont know what kind …

    The Greatest Saxophone Players Ever 
    Check out this list of famous saxophone players and share your thoughts. Who in your mind are the greatest sax players ever? Who is your favorite …

    what is the best reed to start with never played before 
    i want to learn the saxophone where do i start

    Saxophone Quartet Music 
    I have an extensive library of 950 charts for sax quartet and some quintets. Anyone willing to trade chart-for-chart with the Toronto Saxophone Quartet? …

    Martin Handcraft Low Pitch Committee - FOUND AT GOODWILL 
    I just found a beautiful Martin Handcraft Low Pitch Committee Alto Sax at my local Goodwill... I just need some help figuring out what exactly I have. …

    1926 Martin Alto Sax 
    I have a 1926 Martin Alto sax that was passed to me from my grandfather who bought it new. I still have the original 50 year guarantee that came with it …

    Comparing alto saxes? 
    I need an alto sax for my daughter. I am currently looking at three used ones: Jupiter (model #?), Selmer as300, Yamaha yas23. Any suggestions?

    sax embouchure ? 
    over the last few weeks I have been told my embouchure is all wrong First I covered my lower teeth with my lip and I was told this is not the best way …

    Article on Selman Saxophones 
    Article: Selman Saxophones: Not Just a Misspelling of Selmer! Since this article on Selman Saxophones was written by one of our writers, it has caused …

    Bundy II Alto. ye or ne? 
    Is this a good sax to buy? It seems like a good deal? Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to help. …

    Special sax stand Not rated yet
    My back is killing me holding up my tenor sax for hours on stage. i need a stand, with wheels, that will allow me to play, standing up, unencumbered. …

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