Saxophone for beginner or not?

by Tarryn
(cape town, south africa)

i would like to know whether the jupiter make is the right saxophone make to start on?

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Feb 25, 2010
Jupiter sax
by: Anonymous

Terryn; I've been practicing how to play my alto sax for about 5 days now..It's an Armstrong and dosen't make it up there with the most notable of sax's to own. However, by putting your heart into your efforts in learning goes a LONG way towards being a sax player. I've seen a number of Jupiter sax's on sale on EBAY and recall that many sell for good prices. I am personally convinced that any accomplished sax player could pick up just about any kind of sax and make good music with it. I've made good advances in this week because of the purchase of the "Standard of Excellence Enhanced comprehensive band method" sax book by Bruce Pearson. It contains 2 CD's that you place in your computer and play along reading the book and listening to the music..It's great fun and really helps. Meanwhile, rub and clean your Jupiter Sax and make sure your reed is a wisp of a hair behind the tip..Really helped me to get those low notes...Good Playing...Frank..P.S. Slobbering on it dosen't hurt either..LOL

Mar 07, 2010
I started on a Jupiter
by: Anonymous

It is a nice sax, plays well, and for a Taiwan sax it's great, I like it better than most Yahmahas for the fact that its metal on the keys isn't soft (easily breakable) and it is beautiful. In short I would say yes.

Mar 08, 2010
sax choice
by: Anonymous

Jupiter is one of several good brands to start with. Have fun & enjoy!

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