Finding and Choosing Saxophone Dealers

When buying an instrument, saxophone dealers are a natural first stop in your search. Dealers can be found online or in your local city. The best dealers will give you a chance to try out an instrument for a while to make sure it is a good one for you.

One of the nicest places to shop for a saxophone is a local music store. These stores usually have both new and used saxes to pick from. They will also be willing and able to answer all your questions. Not only are the folks at your local music store usually knowledgeable and honest. You are also likely to learn something.

However, this is not always the case. Some music stores employ sales people who are ignorant about saxes or the store owners themselves are just out to make a buck.The best way to get a good bargain from any dealer is to know as much as you can about the type of horn you are seeking.

Pawn shops and newspaper ads are also places to find a used saxophone. However these sellers are not likely to know much about the horn. Pawn shops particularly tend to overprice instruments, and sometimes an instrument needing a great deal of repair will be priced like one in good condition. In all honesty, sellers who don't know much about saxes might not be able to tell a good horn from a poor one.

A final choice for purchasing a saxophone is to check out the nationwide music instrument stores that can be found online. Unfortunately, online saxophone dealers can be honest or they can be crooks and it's hard to figure out which they are until you take a chance on one. It makes sense to proceed with caution, know what you want, and ask lots of questions. Get a good guarantee in writing if at all possible.

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