Saxophone Cases Are Important!

Although when we think about saxophone accessories we mostly consider reeds and mouthpieces, saxophone cases are also an item that has quite a bit of importance. The fragile parts of the saxophone are better protected from physical harm if the musical instrument is in a special case.

Most professional musicians use cases for their portable instruments. The role of the case is to house the musical instrument while keeping the whole baggage lightweight.

Stylish sax cases will also contribute to the visual aspect of using a saxophone.

Most cases are created in darker colors, so that they do not get dirty easily, and the variety of materials used to manufacture them is incredible, ranging from old fashioned wood to space age materials.

Tenor saxophone caseProtec Contoured Tenor Sax Pro Pac

What to look for when purchasing a saxophone case

There are a few attributes you should consider when looking for a suitable case for your saxophone. Make sure you get the right sized case and that your saxophone fits into it perfectly – the case must not be too loose (the instrument will constantly knock on the walls of the case) or too tight (pressure is applied on the sax, maybe even distorting some of the parts). The weight of the case is essential if you are traveling a lot.

Cases made from carbon fiber or lightweight plastic compounds are well suited for frequent travelers. If you just want to make a big impression and you mostly play the sax in your own town, you can get a stylish, classical sax case. Although you might not need this feature often, ask the sales person if the sax cases they sell are waterproof.

Go here for a wide variety of saxophone cases.

alto saxophone caseSKB Alto Sax Rectangular Case

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